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Shaping The Future Of Optical Communication Systems



MIMOPT is your partner to reach the maximum  potential of optical communication systems.

MIMOPT is pushing the boundaries of optical technology across diverse applications, We develop  innovative Digital signal Processing (DSP) solutions to maximize data throughput and optimize system performance.

Optical Fiber

Enhancing connectivity and reliability in optical networks, MIMOPT pioneers DSP solutions to optimize data throughput with enhanced signal integrity.

Free Space Optics

Unbounded by traditional infrastructure limitations, our free space optic (FSO) DSP innovations enable efficient  point-to-point communications.

Optical Satellite

Our advanced DSP technology facilitates reliable connections for Earth-Sat and Sat-Sat communications, supporting high-resolution imaging, remote sensing, and secure transmissions.


MIMOPT provides DSP solutions for underwater optical communications, enabling reliable data transmission in challenging aquatic environments.

Our services

Companies that own optical communication systems can benefit from MIMOPT’s knowledge, expertise, and MIMOPT simulator to design or upgrade their optical communications system.

Optimize your transmission system with our expertise, optimizing systems across all project phases.

Our team offers three specialized service packages to meet each client’s unique needs.


• Expertise in End-to-End Transmission: Proficient modelling of transmission chains.

• System Limit Evaluation: Thorough assessment of system limits, including throughputs, reach, and losses.

• Customized Improvement Strategies: Proposing solutions to enhance system performance based on evaluated limitations.


• Implementation of DSP and Optical Solutions: Testing the proposed solutions’ implementation and performance under real-world system conditions.

• Client Support in Experimental Studies: Accompanying clients through experimental studies to ensure successful implementation.

• Program License Provision: Providing program licenses to clients.


• MIMOPT Patented Solutions: Leveraging MIMOPT’s patented solutions for unparalleled enhancements.

• Integration of AI Solutions: Incorporating AI-driven solutions to enhance transmission.

• Compatibility with resource-constrained systems: integrating solutions with system and hardware in resource-constrained environments for optimized performance.

Our innovative DSP solutions cover essential technologies aimed at improving the performance of both today's and tomorrow's optical communication systems.

Intellectual Property: MIMOPT holds 11 patents clusters. Filled in Europe, USA, China, Japan and South-Korea.

MIMOPT Key Technologies:

  • Polarization-Division Multiplexing (PolMux)
  • Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM)
  • Space-Division-Multiplexing (SDM)
  • Probabilistic Constellation Shaping (PCS)

MIMOPT simulator is a versatile standalone platform designed to model and customize optical end-to-end transmission systems according to your specifications.

Key features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and easy-to-use platform.
  • Updated Libraries: Access to the latest DSP libraries for up-to-date simulations.
  • Fast and Optimized: Optimized for speedy simulations without compromising accuracy.
  • Flexible Data Handling: Easily modify and adapt simulations, with the ability to export data for integration with other programs.

Use Cases:

  • System Engineering
  • System Optimization
  • System Upgrade



GUI version

Standard DSP Libraries

Advanced DSP Libraries

MIMO Libraries

MIMOPT IP Solutions

Customized transmission chain


GUI version

Standard DSP Libraries

Advanced DSP Libraries

MIMO Libraries

MIMOPT IP Solutions

Customized transmission chain


GUI version

Standard DSP Libraries

Advanced DSP Libraries

MIMO Libraries

MIMOPT IP Solutions

Customized transmission chain

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    Our team

    We are a team of passionate professionals driven by innovation.

    MIMOPT Technology is launched in 2021, our team emerges from 15 years of intensive research in Digital Signal Processing and Optical Communication.


    Co-founder and CEO

    Professor at Telecom Paris and expert in MIMO coding in digital and optical communication systems.

    Akram ABOUSEIF

    Co-founder and CTO

    PhD in signal processing in space-division multiplexing in optical communication, Telecom Paris.

    Yves JAOUEN

    Co-founder and Expert

    Professor at Telecom Paris and expert in optical communication systems.

    Rami KLAIMI

    Research and development engineer

    PhD in digital communications and error correction codes, IMT Atlantique.

    Jamal DARWEESH

    Research engineer

    PhD in optical fiber communications and machine learning, Telecom Paris.




    Drahi-X Novation center, 91120 Palaiseau